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Omnimaster Fisher & Rückle
Year 2005

1500 kg
400V 50Hz 9 Kw glue to 20 A
veneer along composed veneers perfectly and along put together
in one operation for fully enclosed,
temperature-resistant glue joints high throughput of short cycle route pointwise gluing
an integrated glue pot glue cooling to increase the pot life of up to about 4 hours easy
and quick accessibility to refill the glue hink high driving force
due to hydraulic drive (no veneer slipping) high holding force of the veneers thanks precisely
ground and stepped plate chain made of stainless steel (no veneer slipping)
clear arrangement of symbols on the user interface,
faster access convenient control panel for continuous adjustment of the assembly speed, c
ontact pressures and temperatures


23.500.- EUR EXW Spain


Mitre punch MORSO F

Cutting height max mm: 160
Stop length right mm: 1.500
Working width max mm: 100
Simple mitres up to °: 90
Double mitres up to °: 45
Manual punch feed
Weight kg: 115

490.- EUR EXW Finland


KGK kompressor, 1990

4HP, 400 V, kolbcompressor with 2 cylinder,
500l / min, pressure 15 bar, weight160 Kg

yrkes-kompressor ,kolbkompressor med 2 cylinder
och 2-steg kompression,insugnings l/min arbetstryck: 15 bar,
varv kompressor min: 500/min, vikt: 160 kg, pannan: l/min
4 kW

moottori 4 kW/400 V, imutuotto 500 l/min
max. paine 15 bar,paino 160 kg

890.- EUR


Latronix Line lasers LR 6-220

powerful diode based lasers
Latronix has installed several thousands of LD- and LRD-lasers
in sawmills and other heavy industries.

With our high output powers the LRD-Lasers produces lines

with a much better brightness than He-Ne lasers normally do.
There is no high voltage inside.
In addition they are more compact and rugged and have a longer lifetime.

    Diode laser system with long lifetime
    Robust design
    Compact Heavy-duty encapsulation
    High visibility even in intense ambient light
    Sharp and narrow lines even at long distances
    Red or green light


250.- EUR EXW Finland


Atlas COPPCO LE 22-10-250 kompressor, 2002

2,2Kw, 400 V, kolbcompressor with 2 cylinder,
300l / min, pressure 10 bar, weight150 Kg
with refrigeration dryers

yrkes-kompressor ,kolbkompressor med 2 cylinder och 2-steg kompression,insugnings l/min arbetstryck: 10 bar,
varv kompressor min: 300/min, vikt: 150 kg, pannan: 2,2 kW, med kylt torkare

moottori 2,2 kW/400 V, imutuotto 300 l/min
max. paine 10 bar,paino 150 kg

1.480.- EUR


Steff 2034, automatic feeder 3 rollers, new

3 rollers, 8 speeds, 59 Kg

3 matarhjul av mjukt gummi, 8 hastigheten, vikt 59kg

 474.- EUR

automatic feeder 3 rollers, 1990

3 rollers, variable speeds, 59 Kg

3 matarhjul av mjukt gummi, steglös hastigheten, vikt 59kg

 460.- EUR

MEC automatic feeder 3 rollers,   1985

3 rollers, 6 speeds, 59 Kg

 299.- EUR

FELDER automatic feeder 4 rollers, 1990

4 rollers, variable speeds, 59 Kg

4 matarhjul av mjukt gummi, steglös hastigheten, vikt 67kg

 599.- EUR

Steff Stand new

for all feeders

for alla mataverkerk

 290.- EUR


Screw Compressor Atlas Copco Type GA 308

ARP 710606
Serial Nr: 501660197
Air and oil cooled
Oil and water separator
8 bar
Rmp 2925

Tank capacity 46 liters
51.7 l / s
3102 l / m
186,120 l / h
Siemens electric motor type 167-2AB with 22 KW
3 phase, 415V, 63 A plug
4 x connection for compressed air.
fully functional
Weight 900 KG
Length approx 250cm, width 110 cm, height 125 cm

fully functional, in the last years very less running hours.
+ freeze Dryer ( nearly new ) not on the picture

1.590 EUR EXW Finland


Omnimaster Fisher & Rückle  Steff Omnimaster Furnierzusammsetzungsmaschine Felder Vorschubapparat Steff Vorschubapparat Atlas Copco Kompressor Schraubenkompressor KGK Kompressor MORSO Gehrungsstanze Mitre punch

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