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Horizontal panel saw BIESSE SELCO EBT 120 L
Year 2005

Working dimensions: 4400 x 2200mm
Serial N° 56976
Motor Power23 Hp
Voltage 380 V
Maximum cutting length 4400 mm
Maximum cutting width 2200 mm
Support table
Floating support fable
N° Clips 7
Control Panel
Saw diameter 430 mm
Back charger
Transport rollers
Weight 7500 Kg
Dimension 7900x7198x2000 mm



Biesse SELCO Horizontal panel saw with lifting table
WNT/ R 600

Year 1997

Industrial type panel beam saw for good and accurate sawing of panels
max. panels size 4400 x 2200 mm,
max. stack height 122 mm, main saw power 18,7 kW, scoring saw unit 2,2 kW
chippers 7 pc,
loading from the back of machine via LIFT TABLE,
machine also having inside TURNING TABLE (to be able to turn stack during sawing process 90 dgr.)
postforming saw unit, opti-software
working dimensions: 4400 x 2200mm


Horizontal panel saw SCHEER PA 7000 PK    year 2004

Max length 200 mm packs 4
Max width 200 mm packets 2
Max height 650 mm packages
Max weight of 5 000 kg
The height above the floor in the lower position 28 was 0 mm.
5 Attachments to align the plates parallel to the lattice , WP 5037
Controlled by program , positioning , alignment, line cutting boards .
It works from the bottom , and consists of:
- Pneumatically raised and lowered Balancer , 3 pieces
- Pneumatically setting hardness , depreciation Equalizer .
6 Tables at the output of the machine , the type HP5095
Tables set before the machine , the type of aircraft , which gives light
moving plates.
The size of one table is 2406 x 800 mm. Totally 4 tables .
7 Control rooms .
Mounted in a freestanding electric cabinet , which gives the minimum
vibrations in order to protect electronic components . To the left column
the machine stand is mounted , which is rotatable and located min
a 15- inch color screen and a computer keyboard .
Control via PC computer on bass Windows XP gives you the opportunity
supervision of all operations informative and efficient manner.
Control rooms have a more extensive professional program for
optimization of cutting type PRO .
Program to print labels .
The network to connect to the Internet.
8 Attachments to perform cutting HEAD CUT type KS 500 Pat Scheer .
The patented system allows you to cut off one part of the package , the so-called
head cut , such as third package, and pin it to the front of the machine. This is about
much faster and less labor-intensive method than the standard turntable , which
This is much slower (here loses ca. 3 minutes) and requires greater
effort. Also saves space in front of the machine.
This system is made with an additional blade which is


Holzma HPP350 38/ 31 , year 2010

CNC Power Control PC 22 (TFT screen), with software CADmatic an Windows Aase
-           Automatic panel feeding with rear pusher and pneumatic clamps
-           Max feeding speed of the pusher up to 90 m/min
-           Max cutting width mm 3800
-           Max pusher strake mm 3100
-           Max projection of saw blade mm 80 (saw blade max diameter mm 350)
-           Scoring unit (max saw blade diam. mm 180 - motor power HP 3 - kw 2,2)
-           Main Saw unit (max diam. mm 350 - motor power HP 18 - KW 13,5)
-           Adjustable speed of the blades carriage speed 1 to 150 m/min
-           No. 3 front supporting tables (with air blowing system) mm 2160 x 650
-           Total installed power KW 20



Panelsaw SELCO EBT 120L, year2002

- Max. cutting capacity mm 32000
- Rear lifting table (useful max dimensions mm 3200 to 2200)
- Automatic feeding of the panels by rear pushing system and with clamps/grippers
- Speed of feeder/pusher (brushless) until 60 m/min (back)
- Workpieces side-allignment system (max stroke mm 2200)
- Max. cutting capacity mm 32000
- Max stroke of the rear pushing system mm 3200 approx
- Max. projection of saw blade mm 122
- Scoring Unit (max diam mm 200 - motor power KW 2,2 - HP 3)
- Main Saw Unit (max diam mm 430 - motor power KW 15 - HP 20)
- With QUICK CHANGE (fast release system for the main saw blade and scoring blade)
- Adjustable speed of the blades carriage up to 130 m/min (brushless motor)
- No. 4 front end-rounded supporting tables (with air blowing system) mm 650 x2050
- Total installed power aprx. KW 27
CE mark
- Safety side metal grids
- Numerical Control (PC with software on Windows basis)


Automatic Panel saw Selco EBT 108 Active

Working width 4450 mm
Max saw blade 108 mm
Automatic lateral aligner with pneumatic cylinders
Plate loading and unloading
Panels stacking: front and manual
Panels loading: automatic, with rear lifting table - table 4450 x 2200 mm
Direct loading of the panels row on the rear lifting table
Supporting table under the pusher carriage equipped with idle rollers to avoid any scratching of the disc is avoided

Saw carriage speed: - Next 5 - 100 m / min. - Reverse 100 m / min
With main and scoring saw tipped Cart
Main saw - motor power 13.5 KW
Scoring saw - motor power 2.2 KW

Motorized pusher with 8 grippers to clamp the plate stack
Speed ​​of the carriage: - forward 25 m / min. - Backward 60 m / min

Adjustable hanging command board to control the machine
Security norme CE mark



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